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The best place to start your tour of Uchiko – which is easily explored on foot – is at the handsomely restored kabuki theatre Uchiko-za (内子座; Tues–Sun 9am–4.30pm; ¥300; 0893/44-2840), which lies around 500m northeast of the train station.Performances are held once or twice a week at the theatre, which was built in 1916 to celebrate the accession of the Emperor Taisho; during the day you can wander around the auditorium and stage.8 DO put your palms together and say “Itadakimasu” before eating – it is a polite way of expressing “Thank you for the meal I am about to receive.” DON’T burp at the table – unlike some Asian countries, burping is rude in Japan.DO lift bowls of rice, noodles, and small plates off the table to make eating with chopsticks easier.It's also a one-stop center for the best of Japan -- culture, quality products and impeccable service.The city has endured the Great Kanto Earthquake of 1923, bombings of World War II, the implosion of its housing bubble in the 1990s and heavy effects of the March 2011 tsunami/earthquake that hit Japan.Each time, its people have dusted themselves off and rebuilt.

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DO bend lower than the other person when bowing to older people or those of higher rank (ie your boss).

DO bow again if you are bowed to a second time – sometimes it will take 3 or 4 progressively less deep bows to make it back to full standing.

DON’T bow to children or after purchasing something at a store – foreigners bowing to the 16 year old kid at the 7-11 cash register after buying a sandwich is an all too common GFP.

DON’T lift large plates off the table to eat out of them. DON’T blow your nose at the table – do it in the restroom.

DO cover your mouth with your other hand when using a toothpick.


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