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Local mining for lead has occurred since Roman times, with the first smelting mill being constructed in the 1600s.

The significant growth of Allendale Town and the surrounding villages was fuelled by that of the local lead-mining and smelting industries in the nineteenth century.

It said the “Tories plan to deliver a Hard Brexit at any cost to the UK", the Lib Dems "prefer a Soft Brexit”, while neither Labour nor the Greens are willing to challenge the referendum result.

This is not strictly true as the Liberal Democrats and the Greens have put the promise of a second referendum in their manifesto.

Steven Ford took out a full page advert in local paper, the , last week, saying he would stand as an independent candidate if he can get 10,000 expressions of support on the Facebook page by 9 May.Evidence of prehistoric settlement has been found on the surrounding moorland.In the 16th century this area, close to the Scottish border, was a lawless and troubled place.Originally built in AD 674, the Abbey was built up during the 12th Century into its current form, with additions around the turn of the 20th Century.Since the Dissolution of the Monasteries in 1537, the Abbey has been the parish church of Hexham.There has been a church on the site for over 1300 years since Etheldreda, Queen of Northumbria made a grant of lands to Wilfrid, Bishop of York c.674.


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