Hot enough dating

"[Jennifer] didn’t want to put the kids through the emotional turmoil of possibly getting back together with their dad if it wasn’t on solid ground," said the source.Regardless, she seems to be having fun tempting all her ~potential suitors~.But there is a level of humiliation and trepidation that I hold when participating in this series because we’re taught that being single our fault.One’s relationship status is one of the most private things people tend to consider “fair game” to base very personal judgments and assumptions about our value as human beings on.“Jennifer Lopez is still really into Drake and he is into her too, but he is also all over the place.He works a lot, travels a lot, and is not giving JLo the time and attention she is used to in a relationship,” a source told ] was much younger than JLo and it worked out well because he devoted all his time to her.Granted, there are many notable exceptions (and the media landscape is slowly getting more diverse), but the distinction here is that this isn’t a film about lesbian dating.

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